“The Clairvoyant’s Handbook” by Amy L. Hale

"The Clairvoyant's Handbook" by Amy L. Hale

"This is possibly one of the most humorous and user friendly 'learning clairvoyance' book you will find! This book includes an easy to follow exercise in every chapter and explains how to overcome the most common stumbling blocks that most people come across. It is written in such a way that the author is with you throughout the book and will show you how to discover what techniques work best for you. It describes aspects of the author's journey from a new learner and previous sceptic to a practising medium with all of the highs, lows and difficulties experienced along the way. This is a must for anyone who is trying to develop their clairvoyant abilities or for those who are simply curious about the spirit world. A simple, straight talking guide that explains clairvoyance in a very down to earth format."