“Meditation For Beginners: A 22 Day How To Meditate Course” by Vern Lovic

"Meditation For Beginners: A 22 Day How To Meditate Course" by Vern Lovic

"A Meditation Book Like No Other. Meditation for Beginners helps you:
– begin meditating on the breath today – in minutes
– reduce stress immediately as your mind and body begin to calm down
– learn meditation without any religious undertones – easy terms used

This super-easy and fun meditation book allows you to get started immediately on learning the basics of meditation on the breath. You can start where you are – at work, on vacation, anywhere. Meditation need not be complicated. It's a very simple process, but so many teachers complicate it with new vocabulary, dozens of rules to follow, many books to read, etc. None of that is necessary.

I think you're really going to love this simple religion-free approach to meditation!"