“Tarot Skills for the 21st Century: Mundane and Magical Divination” by Josephine McCarthy

"Tarot skills for the 21st Century - Mundane and Magical Divination is a toolkit and guide for exploring and expanding your tarot divination skills. Written by Josephine McCarthy, a leading magical adept and groundbreaking author, it veers away from the recent popular approach of using tarot for psychology and counselling, and instead shows you how to use tarot for true divination: seeing into the future, the past and analysing the present. The Mundane meanings of the cards are introduced through handy keywords and simple explanations. The hidden, more esoteric messages, patterns and meanings of the trumps are also explored. Chapter five, Interpretation, looks in detail at the divination process, and gives you useful techniques for...>>

“Tarot Correspondences: Ancient Secrets for Everyday Readers” by T. Susan Chang

"Use the Power of Correspondences to Breathe New Life and Magic into Your Tarot Practice Correspondences are woven into the structure of every modern deck. Focusing on four main systems of correspondences—the elements, astrology, numbers, and Kabbalah—this remarkable book helps you integrate the images, associations, and myths that have allowed the tarot to resonate across many centuries and cultures. Author T. Susan Chang provides comprehensive correspondence tables for court cards, majors, minors, and the four suits, making this book your must-have resource whether you're a student, professional reader, spiritual seeker, or magical practitioner. Tarot Correspondences also shares methods for working with correspondences in readings, focusing on elements, astrology, numbers, or Kabbalah separately or in combination. You'll...>>

“Your Tarot Court: Read Any Deck With Confidence” by Ethony Dawn

"Meet the people and personalities of the tarot in a whole new way with Your Tarot Court. This book gives you the confidence you need to tackle the trickiest part of any deck: the court cards. You'll explore the tarot court archetypes and discover new ways to identify and work with these enigmatic cards. Your Tarot Court is designed with contemporary readers in mind—it discusses gender as a social construct, translates the royal hierarchy for a modern world, and more. Professional reader Ethony Dawn guides you through the court, offering techniques, spreads, and interpretations that make the cards more accessible and understandable. This enlightening guide helps improve your understanding of yourself and the people around...>>

“Maps of Consciousness. I Ching, Tantra, Tarot, Alchemy, Astrology, Actualism” by Ralph Metzner

"Metzner was a friend of Timothy Leary and Ram Dass (Richard Alpert); they all wrote of the "psychedelic experience." Those experiences helped define the essence of this book, further exploring yoga, Gurdjieff's self-observation, Reichian bioenergetics, Gestalt therapy, psychosynthesis, Buckminster Fuller, Teilhard de Chardin, Hermann Hesse, Wilhelm Reich, Carl Jung, Lama Govinda, Aldous Huxley, Alan Watts, Frank Herbert, Joan Grant, and the incomparable I Ching."...>>