“Tarot Skills for the 21st Century: Mundane and Magical Divination” by Josephine McCarthy

"Tarot Skills for the 21st Century: Mundane and Magical Divination" by Josephine McCarthy

"Tarot skills for the 21st Century – Mundane and Magical Divination is a toolkit and guide for exploring and expanding your tarot divination skills. Written by Josephine McCarthy, a leading magical adept and groundbreaking author, it veers away from the recent popular approach of using tarot for psychology and counselling, and instead shows you how to use tarot for true divination: seeing into the future, the past and analysing the present.

The Mundane meanings of the cards are introduced through handy keywords and simple explanations. The hidden, more esoteric messages, patterns and meanings of the trumps are also explored. Chapter five, Interpretation, looks in detail at the divination process, and gives you useful techniques for forming focused questions and interpreting the tarot's answers meaningfully.

Two chapters are dedicated to numerous layouts, beginning with the simple yes/no layout and progressing to more complex layouts/spreads designed to identify events, causes, and solutions, find missing objects, and to get an overview of the year ahead. Esoteric layouts are also presented, enabling magicians and mystics to view the powers flowing through their magic, their fate, and to look at the path of their soul. Chapter seven, interpretations of layouts uses sample readings to dig into the details of how these layouts work, how interpretation is approached, while also analysing their more esoteric and technical aspects."