“Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt: The Initiatory Path of Spiritual Journaling” by Normandi Ellis

"Tools to powerfully write about and manifest your life using the power found in the sacred sites of ancient Egypt • Reveals how to create meaning from one’s life experiences and manifest new destinies through spiritual writing • Contains meditations and creative writing exercises exploring sacred themes in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and other hieroglyphic texts of ancient Egypt • Shares transformative and inspiring pieces written by those who’ve attended the authors’ Egyptian sacred tours Within each of us is a story, a sacred story that needs to be told, of our heroic efforts and of our losses. The scribes of ancient Egypt devoted their lives to the writing of sacred stories. These technicians of the...>>

“Spirit Relations: Your User-Friendly Guide to the Spirit World, Mediumship and Energy” by Bill Duvendack

"Are you looking for a book that teaches you mediumship, rather than merely sharing an individual’s stories of their own work? Are you tired of the dogma that is erroneously attached to this unique skill? Do you want a book with exercises to help you develop your psychic abilities in a more hands-on fashion? Look no further, because all this and more is covered in Spirit Relations. Written by a professional medium, this book not only covers channeling, but also discusses the energetic body of a person, and what to expect when you begin to interact with spirits on a regular basis. Bill Duvendack brings a grounded and practical approach to channeling, sharing details...>>

“Automatic Writing and Drawing” by Eric Tau

"Within this book you will find a set of practical techniques that have been used for millennia to expand minds and unlock alternate planes of existence. Written for beginners as well as for intermediate practitioners, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to the most popular and user-friendly forms of automatic writing and automatic drawing techniques. The Beginner's Guide to Automatic Writing & Drawing contains simple and straightforward instructions on Interpreting Symbolism, inducing a Trance State, invoking Spiritual Protection/Psychic Protection, and Energetic Grounding. Contained within are instructions for the Basic Method of Psychic Automatism, as well as Visionary Drawing, White Noise Drawing, Visionary Writing, White Noise Writing, and Fully Automatic Writing & Drawing. "...>>

“The Book of Magick Power” by Jason Augustus Newcomb

"This is the most comprehensive book on the subject of modern practical magick to date. Practical magick is magical work that makes real and observable changes in you and your environment through the invisible forces that manifest and transform your reality. Astral projection, telekinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy, weather magick, angelic and demonic conjuration, magnetism and fascination, manifesting love and prosperity, prophesying the future, communicating with the dead, these are just a few of the more than one hundred procedures clearly detailed in this manual. For centuries these techniques were guarded by their few masters. The veil has finally been lifted. This definitive work simply and clearly outlines the procedures necessary to open up the unseen...>>

“The Art of Seeing – Your Psychic Intuition, Third Eye, and Clairvoyance. A Practical Manual for Learning and Improving Your Clairvoyant Abilities” by Nathaniel

"Clairvoyance manual, this book will teach you how to develop and use the psychic ability of clairvoyance. Learn aura view, chakra reading and psychic reading. Learn how to receive messages through clairvoyance and how to perceive spirits, ghosts, Angels and entities."...>>