“The Atom Bomb Tarot” by Arch-Traitor Bluefluke (digital deck)

"The Atom Bomb Tarot" by Arch-Traitor Bluefluke (digital deck)

"I’ve spent well over four years on this project, doing it and redoing it until I got it right. In total I’ve made and scrapped over two hundred cards I felt weren’t up to snuff. Hell, I started this project before I even began work on the Psychonaut Field Manual.

My goal was to focus on the more esoteric aspect of the Tarot, to make clear in plain language, what has been long forgotten by even the most knowledgeable magicians.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with divination, far from, I encourage it. Kick ass. Chew bubblegum. But even the most seasoned Tarot enthusiasts seem to be oblivious as to Tarot’s true underlying machinery and thus, blind to it’s true beauty. To put it plainly, the Tarot was created as a decryption key for dozens of interweaving occult systems that could be hidden in plain sight as a deck of playing cards so that it could be studied and spread openly while it’s owner could avoid being burned at the stake.

It is a grand, fantastical labyrinth, that when solved, reveals the heart and source of the Western Mystery Tradition itself. So how do we restore the Tarot to her former glory? I aim to hit the reset button. I do not mean to run a bulldozer through the labyrinth itself, but rather illuminate it’s hallways so that they are made clear. Moreover, I mean to point a big sign towards the entrance thereof and I mean to kill the ticket master. "