“Llewellyn’s Little Book of Witchcraft” by Deborah Blake

"Brimming with nearly seventy spells, tips, and activities, this illustrated book helps you take new steps on your personal journey into witchcraft. Award-winning author Deborah Blake teaches you how to build an altar, use divination tools, invoke deities, and much more. Covering a wide range of magical goals, this little book will help you improve your relationships, deepen your connection to nature, and live a successful, enchanted life."...>>

“Protection Spells for New Witches: A Guide to Banishing Negative Energy with Essential Spells and Rituals” by Jess Carlson

"Defend your space and ward off negative energy with this book of easy protection spells Protection magic gives you the power to shield yourself, your space, and your loved ones from all forms of spiritual or physical harm. It's a hands-on way to keep toxic people at a distance, banish a bad mood, or help your home feel more secure. Learn how to get started with the simple protection spells in Protection Spells for New Witches. Rituals and remedies—Cleanse your home with herbs, release anxiety with blue candles, use crystals to help ward off sickness, make a charm bag to stop bullying, and more. Everyday magic—Perform these spells at home before a big interview, at a friend's...>>

“Bo and Bon: Ancient Shamanic Traditions of Siberia and Tibet in Their Relation to the Teachings of a Central Asian Buddha” by Dmitry Ermakov

"Hailed as a fascinating and unique book, this is the first in-depth study of its kind comparing the ancient Bön religion with the Siberian shamanic tradition of Lake Baikal. Combining scholarly research with spiritual insight and with over 200 illustrations, maps and diagrams, the information is presented in a clear and lively way, enabling the reader to navigate easily through the various topics dealt with and to follow the threads of the intricate tapestry woven as the parallels between the ancient shamanic traditions of Tibet and Siberia unfold."...>>

“The Tao of Business: Using Ancient Chinese Philosophy to Survive and Prosper in Times of Crisis” by Ansgar Gerstner

"Discover the ancient wisdom of Chinese Tao and how it applies to modern business with this fresh, uncomplicated guide. German Tao expert Ansgar Gerstner explains how to make use of the timeless principles of the Tao Te Ching, providing a unique insight to the challenges of contemporary business and the forces of human nature that underpin them."...>>

“The Woman Magician: Revisioning Western Metaphysics from a Woman’s Perspective and Experience” by Brandy Williams

"The Woman Magician is a thought-provoking and bold exploration of the Western magical tradition from a female perspective, celebrating the power of women's spirituality and their vital role in the magical community. Drawing on thirty years of study and personal experience, Brandy Williams reframes magic around women, examining and challenging traditional Western notions of women's bodies, energies, and spiritual needs. She discusses women's roles throughout magic's history, gender issues, and honoring the voice within to live authentically as women and magicians. Part two features personal and group initiatory rituals based on Egyptian cosmology, created by the Sisters of Seshat, the first all-female magical order since the French Revolution."...>>