“Russell Targ: Ninety Years of Remote Viewing, ESP, and Timeless Awareness” by Jeffrey Mishlove

"A childhood magician, raconteur, laser pioneer, physicist, parapsychologist, and psychic spy, Russell Targ has enjoyed an illustrious career spanning more than six decades. Now in his ninetieth year, Russell is still active and his work in consciousness research and extra sensory perception is more relevant than ever. Along with physicist Harold Puthoff, Targ created the now famous remote viewing program at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). The psychic intelligence-gathering program known as Grill Flame, Stargate (and other names) was funded by the CIA and other US government agencies for 23 years, and brought ESP research into the mainstream, much to the dismay of materialist scientists. Those findings convinced him of the reality of non-dualism and he...>>

“Tech Witch: Merging Technology and Tradition in Modern Spellcasting” by Celeste Silverbrook

"Step into the future of witchcraft with Tech Witch, a groundbreaking exploration that seamlessly blends ancient traditions with cutting-edge technology. This visionary book unveils the fascinating world of Tech Witchcraft, where smartphones, smart devices, and digital tools become powerful instruments in the hands of modern practitioners. The Tech Witch Movement: Witness the rise of the Tech Witch movement, where practitioners embrace the integration of technology into their magical practices. Embracing Technology in Spellcasting: Discover how technology becomes a natural extension of traditional spellcasting, enhancing the efficacy and accessibility of magical rituals. Modern Tools for Divination: Explore the digital landscape of divination tools, from online tarot readings to augmented reality crystal scrying. Incorporating Smart Devices Into Rituals: Learn how...>>

“Living Astrology: How to Weave the Wisdom of all 12 Signs into Your Everyday Life” by Britten LaRue

"Weave the wisdom of every one of the 12 zodiac signs into your everyday life with supportive practices like creativity prompts, tarot card pulls, and seasonal rituals. You are all 12 signs. Going beyond the popular Sun-Moon-Rising astrology, this insightful guide inspires you to expand the possibilities of who you think you can be. Transformational astrologer Britten LaRue teaches you how to embrace the whole of the zodiac, with month-by-month invitations to connect with the part of yourself that is each sign. For example, if you don’t have any major placements in Leo in your chart, you might assume that you don’t have any Leo qualities. But when you decide that you’re not a Leo, you deny...>>

“The Higher Help Method: Stop Trying to Manifest and Let the Universe Guide You” by Tammy Mastroberte

🕵️🐷🕵️ zero-day🕵️🐷🕵️ "From spiritual teacher Tammy Mastroberte comes an indispensable guide for supercharging your manifestation practice with guidance from the Universe. If you’re struggling to see the changes you desire in life no matter how hard you try to manifest them, it may be time to put down this stressful burden and try something new. There is an easier way to create positive change, and it starts with no longer trying to do it alone. Instead, you can ask the Universe for help and place it in charge to guide you. In The Higher Help Method, award-winning author Tammy Mastroberte affirms the Universe will support you to create what you want—or something even more incredible when you...>>

“The Titanic Disaster: Omens, Mysteries and Misfortunes of the Doomed Liner” by James W. Bancroft

"It was on Wednesday, 10 April 1912, that the imposing bulk of the RMS Titanic slipped her berth, and, to great fanfare, headed out into the Solent at the start of her maiden voyage. By all accounts, the liner was at the time the largest man-made object ever to move on water. The space her decks created allowed her designers to introduce previously unseen levels of luxury. In first class, for example, there were many new features such as squash courts, a Turkish bath, a gymnasium, a barber shop and even the first swimming pool built on board a ship. There was also the bold claim by its builders that Titanic was "practically unsinkable". Sadly,...>>