“Altered States of Consciousness” by Charles T. Tart (2nd edition)

"Altered States of Consciousness" by Charles T. Tart (2nd edition)

"This classic book is the first major serious treatment of the subject of human consciousness. Charles Tart, psychology professor at the University of California, Davis, has collected articles from a wide range of sources to show the broad scientific dimensions of this once-taboo subject. The book covers the effects of drugs, yoga, self-hypnosis, mutual hypnosis, meditation, brain wave feedback, and dream consciousness.

The study of consciousness has only recently "come of age" in western psychology. As the editor points out in his introduction, "Many primitive peoples believe that almost every normal adult who cannot do this is a psychological cripple. How different Americans would seem to a person from such a culture."

This book combines the best of the humanistic and scientific traditions. It opens the door to the enormous human potential— physiological and social, as well as psychological—of altered states of consciousness."