“Technical Remote Viewing: The Complete Guide” by Brett Stuart

"Technical Remote Viewing: The Complete Guide" by Brett Stuart

"It is said, necessity is the mother of invention. In the early 1970s, information started to reach the West that the Soviet Union had begun to take psychic research seriously. This prompted frantic U.S. intelligence agencies to pour millions into top-secret research programs in hopes that a trainable, mental technique might emerge. Physicists at the Stanford Research Institute, funded by the CIA to investigate non-conventional forms of communication, were successful in developing such a system. It is known today as remote viewing. The scientists at SRI discovered that a non-material library of information exists, which contains data about everything in both the physical and non-physical universe. Remote viewing allows the individual to tap into this dimension, and accurately describe targets that would have otherwise been inaccessible. Now, almost five decades later, this skill-set has reached a level of sophistication that truly unlocks a world without secrets. Information about any person, place, thing or event in the past, present and future is obtainable by the adept viewer. Technical Remote Viewing: The Complete Guide offers both beginners and advanced students a complete blueprint for this revolutionary information gathering skill. It's also the first guidebook to cover every aspect of the remote viewing methodology developed by Major Ed Dames, U.S. Army (ret.)."