“States of Mind: ESP and Altered States of Consciousness” by Adrian Parker

"States of Mind: ESP and Altered States of Consciousness" by Adrian Parker

"Probably more than at any other time in history, there is today a preoccupation with personal relationships, subjective reality, and inner experience. We are discovering that as well as an external world, we have access to internal realities — states of mind which transcend our waking consciousness and can provide a rich source of meaningful experience and potential.

These are the altered states of consciousness (ASCs) we know as dream states, trance states, psychedelic experiences, and meditation, which can give a new perspective to our relationship with the world around us, a perspective which may sometimes include knowledge derived by extrasensory perception (ESP). With the passing of the behaviorist era in experimental psychology, two neglected topics —consciousness and the paranormal — are once again attracting the attention of mainstream psychologists. In this book the author boldly brings together these two fields and discusses their relationship to one another."