“Making Powerful Elemental Talismans Today: Be a 4 Elements Wizard!” by Frater Azrael

"Making Powerful Elemental Talismans Today: Be a 4 Elements Wizard!" by Frater Azrael

"Ever wanted to have magic powers? To get money, sex, power, wealth, love, lust and everything else under the sun most can only dream of? With this ebook you can. In theory anyways since of course nobody can say for sure. That's what talismanic magic is like: sometimes the tides are stronger than other times but depending on your luck you might just hit the jackpot with talismanic magic! Never hurts to try. Talismans are not to be underestimated as a magical technology.

This booklet lets you create elemental talismans of the four elements: the powers of oftentimes effective fire, water, earth and air talismans will be yours TODAY. Contains LHP and RHP consecrations to suit different tastes.

Why not try an elemental talisman…? They are easy and fun to make and real magic to top it off. Like candle spells but you can't carry a burning candle around with you while you can carry around a charged talisman in your pocket everywhere you go.. Perhaps you need continuous inspiration from an air talisman? Then make one, charge one and keep it on your person to let it do its thing!

These talismans are made of paper so they are easy to make and easy to dispose of, so what's there not to like?"
via Finnegan