“Grimoire of Arts” by Bryan Lovering

"Grimoire of Arts" by Bryan Lovering

"This collection of notes, spells, and rituals has been a work in progress for about 10 years in different forms. It comprises the basics for a system that is beginning to take shape in the authors understanding. Here we examine all the different systems and tools in their own sections, finding they work with the best efficacy under their own combinations. This is a tool for field work for the development of a unique system of sorcery.

This book is a challenge to the reader. Written in stream of consciousness there is nothing easy about what it offers. Spells might only be spoken phrases, and fancy drawings on paper. Rituals might only be done once every blue moon. Open the gates and call forth the raw forces of creation. Push yourself farther then ever before. See what adventures await you.

All together there are works that will banish demons, and modify the spirits around you. You will learn what an array is, how it functions, and how to push yourself beyond what has become the acceptable and the common. This art will help you, as it integrates into your own practices, and understandings. The more you use it, the more you test out the mechanics within, and compare it against your own understandings.

It is sure to be of benefit on your journey. Providing keys of understanding of the material contained. This grimoire brings to life a new perspective on the ancient art of sorcery, from a non denominational standing. There is no dogma here, make up your own mind, and let the magicks flow my friends. "