“Teach Yourself Remote Viewing” by James F. Coyle

"Teach Yourself Remote Viewing" by James F. Coyle

"The term Remote Viewing is used to describe the ability of a person to access distant information in the past, present or future by using advanced intuitional processes.

The United States Military originally evolved the methodology after they suspected the Russians were using this process to access secret information. Research on the subject was carried out by such prestigious institutions as Stanford Research Institute plus others. Even the famous Princeton University became involved.

This was all a secret research effort but eventually the public became aware of the process and small groups started to experiment. Eventually the Remote Viewing process ended up in two camps…. the military process which requires an "attendant" to lead the viewer through the process to the correct target (similar to a hypnotist and the subject) and the alternative which was basically a free-form method. This was where the viewer could access the target without any attendant help. This free-form protocol appears to be the method which has become the most popular and is taught in a number of RV schools throughout the world.

I have been on both courses and the military method produced quite excellent results but the free-form method produced the most satisfying outcome as I was doing it all myself.
This small booklet covers the free-form process in simple and easy terms so that you can learn the basic method in the comfort of your own home.

This publication describes the method I used to learn the Remote Viewing process. If you're prepared to put in a small amount of time each day you are likely to achieve some stunning and spectacular results. I did…. and you can do the same!!"