“Remote Viewing Basics” by Joy Martina and Roy Martina

"Remote Viewing Basics" by Joy Martina and Roy Martina

"Would you like to be able to know how your beloved people are? Would not it be nice to know in advance what the consequences of your choices will be before deciding which is the right one?
Have you ever thought of taking an astral journey into the past to heal the traumas that have had a major impact on your life? Or to see what is the best possible future for you and get guidance on how to achieve it? The new eBook by Joy and Roy Martina presents the foundations on which Quantum Travels are based and reveals some secrets, so far remained strictly guarded, on Remote Viewing.

Remote Viewing is a technique developed by the CIA and the United States Army under the leadership of Stanford University to train the mind to gain knowledge about anyone, any place or event past, present or future. Thanks to the use of mental techniques and special training, with Remote Viewing and Quantum Travels, not only the space is filled instantly (you can see what happens in another place by simply closing your eyes and entering the trance state): but also the time barrier is overcome, and this allows you to experience the perceived past and the probable future.

Everyone is able to imagine, and they do it. When a person dreams, he or she visualizes things using their own imagination. The visualization referred to in this manual is an intrinsic quality of thoughts and not a biological process that involves sight.

The techniques developed by Dr. Roy Martina are used to balance emotions and eliminate dysfunctional patterns. Learn about the different mental states and the functioning of your mind to fully use its potential. Recognize the true meaning of events such as accidents, unfortunate cases, difficulties and the like and avoid them to hinder you.

By reading this eBook, you will discover the limits of the ego and how to overcome them, to follow the path that leads you to become the best version of yourself and to have a happier, richer and more fulfilling life; to make better choices in business, to find the right place to live and to access the wisdom of the Universal Mind, which unites all the living beings."