“Magic: The Addiction: My 20-Year Gaming Journey” by James Hsu

"Magic: The Addiction: My 20-Year Gaming Journey" by James Hsu

"What does it mean to be competitive, and to put all of yourself into a competitive activity? I have played Magic: The Gathering for twenty years. I have traveled around the world to play all over North America, Europe, and China. I have had lots of fun, and made incredible friends, along the way. But I have also experienced feelings of anguish, frustrations, and self-doubt.

Many years later, I have come to be at peace with myself. I have developed a framework for controlling my emotions in the heat of competition. I wrote my story so that it can be shared with you.

Playing Magic is not a requirement for enjoying this book. Struggle is universal, and can apply to any activity you are passionate about.

I welcome you to take the journey with me, and learn more about yourself in the process."