“Kundalini Yoga Demystified: A Modern Guide to What It Is and How to Practice” by Erin Elizabeth Downing

"Kundalini Yoga Demystified: A Modern Guide to What It Is and How to Practice" by Erin Elizabeth Downing

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"What Kundalini Is and Why We Need It

Kundalini yoga is an accessible practice for sharpening your mind, finding balance in your daily life, increasing your body's strength, and developing a connection to the divine. Filled with quick one-, three-, and eleven-minute exercises, this book is designed to help you begin or embolden your own personal Kundalini practice. Explore simple breathing techniques to bring the hemispheres of the brain into equilibrium. Work through postures (also known as asanas) that move your body into proper alignment. Discover mantras to amplify your intentions and activate the energy center of the chakras as well as mudras to direct the intention of your practice and create lasting change.

In easily digestible chapters, Erin Elizabeth Downing shares Kundalini basics, nutritional wisdom, tips for balancing the masculine and feminine energies of the body, and much more. You will discover more than fifty hands-on practices for specific physical and spiritual needs, such as detoxifying your body, pushing past blockages, and expanding your vital life-force energy throughout your body."