“The Quality Agenda: The Search for Excellence” by Steve Madison

"The Quality Agenda: The Search for Excellence" by Steve Madison

"It’s not about surviving, it’s about thriving. It’s not about muddling along, it’s about undergoing an alchemical transmutation, a glorious transformation, a metamorphosis from a grub into a wondrous, iridescent butterfly ("psyche", to use the ancient Greek term). It’s about going through a phase change, altering from a humdrum human into a world-historic shaper of destiny.

It’s time to enact the Quality Agenda, to pursue excellence to its uttermost extent. It’s time for the glory of Meritocracy, the system that will change everything.

Don’t you want the best of all possible worlds – an optimized State, composed of optimized citizens? What could be superior to that?

Reboot the world. Revalue all values. Thus spoke Zarathustra."