“Rare and Unusual Money Rituals” by A. Lightbody

"Rare and Unusual Money Rituals" by A. Lightbody

"Before you fully immerse yourself in the economic pressures of the day, take a moment to ask yourself where you want to be, and… are you there, yet? Are you still running in circles, working harder with little change in your circumstances?

Money and mindset literally create your astral reality (where pre-manifestation happens before it takes form in the earth plane). How have generational patterns and auto-pilot mindsets perpetuated a grind 'to work and barely live' reality for you?

And more importantly, how can you break those patterns and create a new, astral reality based in magnetics that will bring your abundance to you, and take you where you truly want to be in life.

If you're committed to putting an end to poverty consciousness, this book may just become a staple, ritual text in your collection.

You can fund your dream life, or attract the benefactors who want to fund it for you."