“Simply Psychic” by Ann Caulfield

"Simply Psychic" by Ann Caulfield

"Dowsing, dreams, tarot, telepathy: the psychic world is amazingly diverse, with numerous pathways to enter. How can newcomers eager to learn and develop their psychic abilities even begin to cross this universe of possibilities? As always, the Simply series makes it easy, covering the fundamentals in an accessible, entertaining, and enlightening way. Author Ann Caulfield reveals how everyone who’s ever had a hunch or a premonition can enhance their paranormal faculties. She covers everything from astral travel and auric readings to chakras and scrying, along with advice on preparing to become a medium and explanations of why expanding your psychic senses can help you achieve far more from every aspect of your life. Attractively designed, Simply Psychic is as visually appealing as it is practical."