“The Story of Your Life” by Steve Madison

"The Story of Your Life" by Steve Madison

"And so the time has come for you to tell the story of your life. How will you do it? A straightforward, linear narrative? Perhaps you will adopt an experimental approach. Do you aim to produce something of great artistic merit? Will you tell the story simply, or do you want to convey something complex and beguiling? Will you be scrupulously truthful, or do you intend to embroider the facts and events? Perhaps you want to present a fantasy version of your life rather than the real thing.
Perhaps you want others to admire you and respect you, so you will censor all the unsavory and disreputable things you did. You definitely won’t be presenting a “warts and all” account. Or maybe you want people to know exactly who you are, so you will tell it exactly as it is. You will show the world your true self and they can take it or leave it.

What kind of audience do you want? Do you seek people of refinement and the highest taste, or are you eager for the masses to crowd in to hear your tale? Are you an elitist or a populist? Do you want to have as large an audience as possible or as select an audience as you can find? Is quality better than quantity? Will you produce a crowd-pleasing thriller, or a high-minded meditation? Perhaps a horror story captures the essence of your life, or a sci-fi, or a western, or a rom-com. It is more tragedy than comedy, or did the laughs and fun times flow thick and fast?

There are so many factors to consider. A life is not an easy thing, and its telling is even harder.

Come inside and learn how to tell the story of your life."