“Nothing Has to Be Done: Meditation, Neuroscience, and Dissolving the Ego” by Jeff Nirenberg

"Nothing Has to Be Done: Meditation, Neuroscience, and Dissolving the Ego" by Jeff Nirenberg

"This book presents a clear, scientific approach to meditation and enlightenment, also known as non-duality, love, god, infinity, or oneness. No nonsense, no esoteric divination. No beating around the bush. Actually, the whole thing could be condensed into the first thirty pages or so, but you wouldn't buy a thirty-page book would you? Not to worry, the rest is pretty entertaining as well.Enlightenment or non-duality centers around our search for wholeness and relaxation. The human being today is fragmented, anxious, pulled in a thousand competing directions. Meditation is the road back home, the return to oneness. Drawing on some of the most recent neuroscience studies as well as some of the oldest religious traditions, this approach to enlightenment is as simple and straightforward as it gets. We simply need to stop becoming two, we have to put down our relentless attachment to thought and self, letting it slowly dissolve into the clear light of awareness.With the end of separation comes the return to oneness. Enlightenment. Bliss. The quantum leap forward for our species that finds itself at the crossroads of a great transformation.

This book is a ride through all the different implications of meditation, tying them together in a clear and entertaining way. From Lao Tzu to Einstein to George Orwell, from the Bible to Non-duality to Quantum Mechanics, this book touches on the many challenges of the world inside and around us and how they can be traced back to a fundamental misunderstanding of our reality. This misunderstanding has wreaked havoc on humanity for millennia, bringing us to where we are today. Environmental catastrophe, political failure, and a growing mental health crisis have put us on a one-way track to extinction unless we change course. This book provides the pathway towards the renewal of the human spirit. We have come too far, there is no more time to lose. Now is the time."