“Priestess Itfut” by Vadim Zeland

"Priestess Itfut" by Vadim Zeland

"Everyone’s watching Tufti. Everyone’s reading Tufti. Everyone’s talking about Tufti. Some shout, "We can’t stand Tufti!" Others shout, "We want Tufti!" So who is she Priestess Itfut, who goes by the second name Tufti? Tufti is not a made up character. She used to exist and in some sense she still does. This book describes the amazing adventures of the priestess and her friends in metareality. What happens there is not entirely fiction. Truth be told, it is not fiction at all. The reader will have to decide for themselves how much of it they wish to believe. This book does not promise a magic wand and you will not absorb the superpowers of its fabulous characters by reading it, but you can take Tufti’s techniques away with you, as many others have done already."