“Universal Magick: Enochian Rituals of Darkness and Light” by Corwin Hargrove

"Universal Magick: Enochian Rituals of Darkness and Light" by Corwin Hargrove

"Take control of your reality with the immense power of Enochian Angels and Demons. Using the secret Words of Power, you can tune this magick to bring whatever results you desire.

In some books, you find hundreds of powers that you’ll never need. With Universal Magick, you get ten Primary Powers that can be tuned to get whatever you want.

You remove all the confusion and find a quick and easy way to get your magickal results. Using beautiful sigils and the ancient Words of Power, you will activate this magick with ease.

The ten Primary Powers can be adapted in thousands of ways, and they are:
Healing – to heal yourself and others.
Corruption – to damage enemies with pain, weakness, misfortune, or disease.
Belonging – to forge, maintain, or improve connections between people.
Prosperity – to support efforts to attract money.
Fortune – to attract good financial luck.
Protection – to bring protection to yourself and others.
Truth – to see truth, express truth, expose deception, and keep secrets.
Transformation – to remove personal flaws or find strength where there was weakness.
Decay – to weaken or remove a strength or ability in your enemy.
Creation – to imagine the possible and to manifest possibility.

In this book, you get a form of Enochian Magick that arose from clues and codes hidden within the old texts. This magick was created to cause change without pain and can be used without fear.

You don’t have to spend hours hunting through obscure lists to find the exact ritual you need. You can shape a power to work in the way you choose. That makes this much easier than most magick.

You will discover:
Clear instructions on exactly what to do.
Solutions to every possible challenge.
A system that can be as general or specific as you like.
The secret Words of Power for safe Enochian Magick.
Powerful effects without any equipment.
Magick that brings fast results and long-term solutions.
Rituals to change your life, or affect other people.
Stunning Enochian sigils that were secret until now.

Prepared over many years, Universal Magick focuses on the practical knowledge you need, with just enough background material for you to understand what’s happening.

If you want magick that works, open the book and get started."