“Feng Shui: The Living Earth Manual” by Stephen Skinner

"Feng Shui: The Living Earth Manual" by Stephen Skinner

"The ancient Chinese art of Feng-Shui, the basis of man's relationship with the land, has practitioners and followers throughout the Western world, from rural communities to big cities. Not just an Eastern practice any more, Feng-Shui can be found around the globe.

Feng-Shui is an art that stresses the importance of living in harmony with nature. The Chinese believe that the earth has channels of energy known as 'dragon-lines', comparable with the meridians of the human body, and the buildings, towns and rooms should be designed and constructed so as not to obstruct these channels. According to the principles of Feng-Shui, living in harmony with the earth's field of energy will promote prosperity, peace and happiness.

Living Earth Feng Shui is a fascinating book which outlines how Feng-Shui can be applied on a small or large scale, in the busiest cities or the smallest room. Author Stephen Skinner outlines its history and philosophy, clearly showing how it can be used to determine the site and arrangement of dwelling places in order to enhance the quality of life of the inhabitants. This is the perfect book for those new to Feng-Shui or someone who is interested in expanding their knowledge."