“The 360 Angels of Power: Shape your Destiny with the Power of the 360 Angels of the Zodiac to Manifest the Life you Desire” by Tristan Whitespire

"The 360 Angels of Power: Shape your Destiny with the Power of the 360 Angels of the Zodiac to Manifest the Life you Desire" by Tristan Whitespire

One of the greatest mysteries on the zodiac is the 360 degrees. Hidden in plain sight, this is where the zodiac hides its immense power. When you unlock the secrets of the 360 degrees through discovering the names of the angels that guard each degree, you open a gateway to power that can change your life and manifest your dreams.

With the fast and simple method of summoning in this book, you will be empowered to quickly contact the angelic powers that rule over every aspect of our life and work with them to fulfill your wishes. If you are feeling lost, these angels can help you find your way. If you are feeling lonely, they can attract love and companionship, if you struggle with procrastination, they can bring the motivation and willpower you need to accomplish your goals. There are also angels that help attract wealth, inspire creativity and wisdom, as well as courage and fearlessness. Whether you are looking to develop psychic abilities for beginners, become a more accurate tarot card reader as a beginner, are curious about angel astrology, or just want to gain guidance for your life, you will find angels in this book that can help with those things.

There is no need for complicated rituals, this magick has been kept simple to allow you fast and easy access to these cosmic powers who are ready to rush to your aid when you call. You will discover sacred words that give you spiritual power and authority to contact these mighty angelic forces of light. The ritual uses ancient names of God and angels arranged in a special way that unlocks spiritual power and grace when you speak them. This power flows into your life and brings the changes that you request, making your reality bend and shape according to your will.

I invite you to release doubt, fear, and hopelessness, and instead claim your divine birthright which is the power to call upon the mighty angels of the universe to help you manifest your reality in perfect accordance with your dreams and desires. When you use the magick in this book with confidence you can exchange darkness for light, fear for confidence, and chaos for certainty. Poverty can become wealth, and dreams can become reality when you work together with these 360 angels of power to fulfill your wishes.