“A Codex on Elemental Magick” by Albertus Crowley (Magick Unveiled)

"A Codex on Elemental Magick" by Albertus Crowley (Magick Unveiled)

"Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Elemental Magick is a magical manual that teaches the magick of the four elements of the universe: fire, water, air, and earth. It discusses the important magical theories and actual exercises thereby giving the student of the Craft what they need: right magical theory and genuine practice. The magick of the elements is, indeed, an important branch of magick. A serious practitioner of the magical arts will find in these pages pure magical wisdom and power. What was once taught in secret between Master and Student shall now be revealed, for now is the time for the true unveiling, so that anyone who has the passion and sincerity to learn can finally discover for themselves the legendary power of the four elements through knowledge and actual experience.

The first card of the tarot is the card of the magician, and it is a card that shows the mastery of the magus over all the four elements of nature. Now is the time to claim this mastery as yours. To the true practitioner of magick, attaining mastery of the elements is a must. It is also a key to the Great Work of the ancient alchemists and an important aspect for the perfection of the magical self.

Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Elemental Magick is more than a codex, but it is an invitation to a magical journey. Indeed, you will never leave this journey without the acquiring knowledge and actual experience of the elements. By learning the power of the four elements, you can cast more powerful magick. For centuries, magicians and witches have used the elements to empower themselves and their magick. Now is the time for you to enjoy the same benefits and make the mighty elements a part of your eternal magick. If you think that you are ready to wield this power, then let me welcome you into the wonderful universe of the elements. You shall learn about the legendary elements of fire, water, air, and Earth, and you shall be able to tap and harness their power for whatever purpose you desire. Just remember to use this occult knowledge for good and good alone. It is now time for you to meet the living elements of nature and magick. Remember to tread this path with love and kindness in your heart."