“The Winding Path: Evolving Eclectic Witchcraft” by Persephone Rossi

"The Winding Path: Evolving Eclectic Witchcraft" by Persephone Rossi

"Witchcraft need not be confined to a religious context or bound by dogma. Instead, tradition and progress, past and present meet and co-exist for the modern eclectic Witch. With 40 lessons in earth-based magick, this book delves into the practice of the solitary forging their own path, from seeker to leader. You will progress from basic practices and knowledge about moon phases, magick, and ritual, to deeper explanations about astral work, aspecting, and serving the larger community.

Homework at the end of each chapter offers an opportunity to put knowledge into practice and deepen your connection to the energies around you. Focused less on deity worship and more on actual magickal practice, this book offers a grounding in theory and technique for today's Witch."