“The Wiccan Book of Shadows: A Magical Guide to Personalizing Your Own Spells and Rituals” by Ambrosia Hawthorn

"The Wiccan Book of Shadows: A Magical Guide to Personalizing Your Own Spells and Rituals" by Ambrosia Hawthorn

"As you journey down the path of Wicca, you’ll nurture a unique set of traditions and beliefs to guide your way. The Wiccan Book of Shadows walks you through developing your own Wiccan practice, from those traditions and beliefs to everyday spells and rituals. Using the journaling spaces throughout, you can record the key elements of your practice to create a Book of Shadows—a sacred tool you can refer back to any time.

Grow your knowledge with a foundational overview of the craft, and find practical information about tools, altars, building a Book of Shadows, and other basics of Wiccan life. Then explore a variety of simple spells, recipes, and rituals including herbal brews, spiritual baths, and candle magic—all using easy-to-find supplies and ingredients.

The Wiccan Book of Shadows includes:

Make it your own—Blank journal lines make it easy to personalize every section with reflections, recipes, and more to inspire your own Book of Shadows.
Background and beliefs—Delve into Wiccan history, traditions, symbols, and ceremonies—and discover the many ways they are put into practice today.
Rituals and recipes—Find step-by-step instructions for a New Moon Manifestation Spell, Mint Rejuvenation Tea, Lavender Basil Peace Bath, and more.

Start on your magical way with The Wiccan Book of Shadows."