“Amulets and Superstitions” by E. A. Wallis Budge

"Amulets and Superstitions" by E. A. Wallis Budge

"How does a gold ring with a frog bezel heighten fertility? Why would a farmer wear an amulet of moss-agate to ensure a plentiful harvest, while brown agate will protect a man from every kind of poisonous reptile? Who believed the number 7 to be the most sacred, perfect, and mystic? In sharp contrast to our day, people in the Middle Ages considered Monday to be a day of peace and happiness, while Saturday brought danger and death.

Distinguished egyptologist Dr. Budge offers a leading guide to amulets and superstitions throughout human history. Reaching as far back as the third millennium BC, this book explains and explores the origin of such powerful and everlasting symbols as the crucifix, the swastika, and the cross. Where did these symbols come from? Who were their originators, and what was their purpose? Answers to these questions present a fascinating epic story of the evolution of human thought on magic, supernatural power, religion, and deities. Photographs of amuletic stones, seals, jewelry, etc are plentiful throughout the book.

The author examines Arab, Persian, Babylonian, Coptic, Egyptian, Gnostic, Hebrew, Mandaean, Phoenician, Samaritan, and Syriac amulets. Other topics include Kabbalah, astrology, the zodiac, water divination, lucky and unlucky days, and the Evil Eye."