“Voices from the Tapes: Recording from the Other World” by Peter Bander

"Voices from the Tapes: Recording from the Other World" by Peter Bander

"This is one of the first books that were ever written on electronic voice phenomena (EVP), which is now a staple on ghost hunting television shows. Today, more than forty years after this book was written, it is a still an interesting subject, but virtually none of the questions about it that were asked then have satisfactory answers now. The randomness of the words and phrases that have been captured on tape cannot be addressed. The origin of the captured voices is still unknown. Sometimes the voices are there, and sometimes they are not. Particular tape recorders seem to work better than others. If some of these questions had been answered, there would probably be less skepticism about EVPs. Still, those creepy little voices on blank tapes make a chill run down the spine."