“Movements of Magic: The Spirit of Tai-chi-Chuan” by Bob Klein

"Movements of Magic: The Spirit of Tai-chi-Chuan" by Bob Klein

"This is the book that introduced thousands of people to Tai-chi. It is a complete description of this ancient Chinese art of movement, including chapters on form (meditative movements), Push Hands (two person exercise), Kung-fu (self defense), healing and the evolution of the human mind.

Movements of Magic
describes how this ancient system of health, meditation, healing, self defense and personal development can be used practically in your everyday life. It is unique in its approach, vibrant in its analysis, stimulating and refreshing. This book may completely change your life for the better. It allows you to see the world through "ancient eyes" and learn how to heal yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually even if you are not specifically interested in practicing Tai-chi. This is a book you will keep close by your side and consult for the rest of your life. Movements of Magic has become the main stabilizing foundation in the lives of thousands of people over the last quarter century."