“Secrets Of Edward Leedskalnin” by Peter Shushmaruk

"Secrets Of Edward Leedskalnin" by Peter Shushmaruk

"Edward Leedskalnin, the Coral Castle, the Great Pyramids, moving stones of immense weight with magnets. This book examines Edwards own words and instructions and grants a solution to the unsolvable mystery of moving these huge stones with effortless ease. This book describes with simplicity how Leedskalnin was capable of maneuvering these stones like “hydrogen balloons”. There are no pulleys, levers, water, sand, or sound with speakers used in this explanation. The only tool that Ed used was called a Perpetual Motion Holder and this turns out to be true. Using the simplest of tools, that anyone can find laying around a junkyard, Ed and ancient people moved these stones with ease. Do you want to know how ancient technology worked? Do you want to know how the Coral Castle was really built without using wild ideas or modern brute force? "