“A Book in Every Home”, “Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life”, “Magnetic Current” and Pamphlets by Edward Leedskalnin (all works, hi-quality reproductions)

"A Book in Every Home", "Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Life", "Magnetic Current" and Pamphlets by Edward Leedskalnin (all works, hi-quality reproductions)

"Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1951) was an eccentric Latvian emigrant to the United States and amateur sculptor who single-handedly built the megalithic monument known as Coral Castle in Florida.

After arriving in the United States, Leedskalnin moved to Florida around 1919, where he purchased a small piece of land in Florida City. Over the next 20 years, Leedskalnin putatively constructed and lived within a massive coral monument he called "Rock Gate Park", dedicated to the girl who had left him years before. Working alone at night, Leedskalnin eventually quarried and sculpted over 1,100 short tons of coral into a monument that would later be known as the Coral Castle.

Ed Leedskalnin is also well known for his theories on magnetism, detailing his theories on the interaction of electricity, magnetism and the living body; Leedskalnin also included a number of simple experiments to validate his theories. Most importantly, Edward Leedskalnin claimed that all matter was being acted upon by what he called "individual magnets" — simply a positive and a negative, as a battery. It is obvious from the pamphlets that he produced that this theory became the base of all of his work, and most likely thoughts as well. He also attempted to claim that scientists of his time were looking in the wrong place for their understanding of electricity, and that they were only observing "one half of the whole concept" with "one sided tools of measurement". In addition to all these studies, he found the time to write a little booklet called A Book in Every Home, that many believe contains the answers to the questions surrounding Coral Castle."

Here are all the known written works by Edward Leedskalnin scanned in 300dpi (hence the file size) from high-quality reproductions of the original printed material.