“Anthropogeny: The Esoteric History of Man’s Origin” by Dr. Douglas M. Baker

"Anthropogeny: The Esoteric History of Man’s Origin" by Dr. Douglas M. Baker

"In this brilliantly written masterpiece, Dr. Baker has tried as far as possible to avoid a repetition of facts and figures given by The Secret Doctrine except where these are important in elucidating, confirming, contradicting or supporting some point of new detail.

When H.P. Blavatsky wrote The Secret Doctrine, the great biological periods, which we know so well today were not yet clearly defined in terms of age and extent. Also, by her own admission, many figures given by the Masters to her were inevitably altered in the process of being passed on to others for publication.

Instead of loosely referring to time in terms of Rounds and Chains, Root Races and Sub-races, Dr. Baker has endeavoured by correlation, cross-checking and by final resort to questioning the Master Blavatsky directly, to give wherever possible time factors in terms of years, eras and periods. This has not been easy and may not always stand the closest of inspection, but it must be remembered that in eighty per cent of our investigations here, we are dealing with paralleling evolutions sometimes on three different planes at once. The march of science will steadily bring confirmation of broad outlines, correct minor errors, and add supplementary detail."