“Holo-Cosmic Therapy: Remedy from the Holographic Universe” by Theofanny Christodoulou

"Holo-Cosmic Therapy: Remedy from the Holographic Universe" by Theofanny Christodoulou

"Holo-Cosmic Therapy is a breakthrough method of healing mind and body and of spiritual evolution. In the book, is revealed a new original and impressive way of creating vibrational essences-remedies from all the sources of Cosmic Healing Energy through photos. It is a very simple and easy way that we can use, to produce all the healing energy essences we like from all the flowers, the planets of our solar system, the zodiac signs, galaxies, even deities of all religions, angels and, the archetypes of Greek gods and goddesses. Each one of these spiritual energy sources vibrates at the frequency of their unique spiritual qualities-information. This frequency-information is transferred onto their photo-image as a code.

Following the Holographic Theory and the Holographic Principle, which many scientists lately assume that applies to our Universe, everything that exists and happens in our Universe, is probably just a hologram, images and information-bits or pixels-the projection of another Universe not visible. Through this method of creating photo-essences, we can see that it may be true. However, as it is proved, all the images or holograms, contain the energy ‚Äďvibration of Love, Divine Love, which is spread across the Universe, existing even in the photos or generally, the images-symbols-information.

The Cosmic photo-essences, however strange it may seem, can help us heal ourselves, change our life and fulfill the purpose of our soul, creating the reality we truly like. We can create our own ‚Äúdestiny‚ÄĚ, because the negative influences from the planets and the zodiac signs will not affect our health and our progress in life but instead, will give us only their positive qualities. These vibrational essences know the ‚Äúsecret‚ÄĚ to lead us with wisdom to what our soul ‚Äúsecretly‚ÄĚ and truly wishes, what is best for us. They can guide us to find peace and harmony, evolve spiritually and live a truly happy life."