“Summoning Azazel” by Jordan Tyler Quinn Farkas

"Summoning Azazel" by Jordan Tyler Quinn Farkas

"It's a good book on an experience of what NOT to do when calling a non-physical entity. Even though it has a proper ritual layout in it. Read it before summoning any being!

Playing with Ouija boards is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. That is exactly what the author of this book found out the hard way.

In Summoning Azazel American indie author Jordan Tyler Quinn Farkas recounts his personal experiences with a powerful and ancient entity. From erecting an altar and conversing with the being, to calling him down for a face to face meet and greet session, read about the entire series of paranormal happenings.

Jordan hopes that his tale will convince you to leave occult practices to the experts — for your own well-being. That said, If you're afraid of the dark, and the demons that lurk there — scroll away as fast as you can!"