“The Country of the Worm: Excursions Beyond the Wall of Sleep” by Gary Myers

"The Country of the Worm: Excursions Beyond the Wall of Sleep" by Gary Myers

"Gary Myers first appeared on the Lovecraftian scene in 1970, when August Derleth’s Arkham House published his earliest Lovecraftian dreamworld fantasies in The Arkham Collector. He reached a peak some five years later, when Arkham House published his first collection, The House of the Worm.
The Country of the Worm is Myers’s long-awaited follow-up to The House of the Worm. It contains that first book in a corrected edition, together with all the stories in the same fantastic vein that Myers has written in the forty-three years since. It includes literary tributes to Lovecraft, Lord Dunsany and Clark Ashton Smith. It concludes with an early novella, a gothic nightmare appearing here for the first time. Here are thirty-one excursions beyond the wall of sleep, into worlds poised between breathtaking beauty and paralyzing fear, where darkness is a palpable presence and reality can be as slippery as a shade."