“Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind’s Reptilian Past” by R. A. Boulay

"Flying Serpents and Dragons: The Story of Mankind's Reptilian Past" by R. A. Boulay

"A highly original work that deals a shattering blow to all our preconceived notions about our past and human origins. Worldwide legends refer to giant flying lizards and dragons that came to this planet and founded the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China. Who were these reptilian creatures? What was the real reason for man's creation? Why did Adam lose his chance at immortality in the Garden of Eden? Who were the Nefilim who descended from heaven and mated with women? Why did the serpent take such a bad rap in history? Why didn't Adam and Eve wear clothes? Why did the ancient Sumerians call their ancient gods USHUMGAL, which means literally great fiery, flying serpent? What were the boats of heaven in ancient Egypt and and the sky chariots of the Bible? This book answers all these questions and more."