“The Witch’s Guide to Ghost Hunting” by Cherise O. Williams

"The Witch's Guide to Ghost Hunting" by Cherise O. Williams

"Ghost hunting is changing. Previously, a more no-nonsense approach was taken to investigating. Now, more ghost hunters are looking to merge scientific methods and techniques with spiritual and magickal aspects. Ghost hunters are opening their minds to unique approaches and elements to the paranormal. Likewise, more and more witches are looking to communicate with spirits and try their hand at ghost hunting.

In, The Witch鈥檚 Guide to Ghost Hunting, Cherise Williams, an experienced paranormal investigator, witch, and tarot reader with more than twenty years of experience investigating, practicing, and researching, will detail how fusing traditional ghost hunting and witchcraft during her own investigations added more depth and understanding to each case. Seeing the impact witchcraft and ghost hunting has had in her own life, she knew it was time to share this information with others.

Readers will learn the following:
路 The history of ghost hunting and the role of the witch
路 How to properly conduct a paranormal investigation
路 How to combine spiritual tools with electronic equipment
路 Items every ghost hunting witch needs in their kit
路 Different types of ghosts and hauntings and how to investigate them
路 How natural elements, like the moon phases, can impact paranormal activity
路 How to cleanse the home and self from unwanted energy or spirits
路 How to properly protect your energy and home from spirits
路 How to grow your psychic gifts to use them on an investigation
路 Various spells such as banishing, creating a protection amulet, connecting to the spirit world, and MORE!
路 How to make sigils and how to incorporate them during ghost hunting
路 The use of blessed water and cemetery dirt on an investigation
路 Recipes for oil blends and black salt
路 Tarot spreads for communicating with the dead

There are many books on ghost hunting, witchcraft, and spirituality, however, The Witch鈥檚 Guide to Ghost Hunting is one of the first to seamlessly combine all three into one book. No matter your level of experience with ghost hunting and witchcraft, you will benefit from the content within this book. The Witch鈥檚 Guide to Ghost Hunting delivers deep and layered topics in a way that is digestible and easily applicable to your investigations and witchcraft practice. Happy hunting!"