“The Magickal Mindset” by Charles Mage

"The Magickal Mindset" by Charles Mage

"According to an ancient teaching: "The All is Mind; the universe is Mental." Only a few are able to fully comprehend what this means. It is undeniable that when it comes to the arts magickal, the mind is off utmost importance — to be more specific, it is the quality of your mind, such as the thoughts that exist in your mental sphere. If you ever want to succeed as a true magician/witch, then you must have the right magickal mindset. But, what is this magickal mindset? How do you gain or or at least train your mind to think magically? Indeed, all magick come from the mind. If you train your mind magically, then great and magickal things are at your fingertips. Hence, it is important that you understand what it means to have a magickal mindset, as well as how you can attain such level of mind.

The Magickal Mindset lifts the veil and reveals the secrets of having a magickal mindset. Learn what goes in the mind of a true magickal practitioner. For ages, this practice has been revealed only to a few and chosen initiates. Finally, this magickal manual shall reveal the truth and practice of having and using a magickal mindset. Be ready to learn real magick and how to think as a genuine magus/witch."