“The Magical Power of the Saints: Evocation and Candle Rituals” by Ray T. Malbrough

"The Magical Power of the Saints: Evocation and Candle Rituals" by Ray T. Malbrough

"This book can be your personal guide to help you call on the saints as your spiritual allies. You will learn how to work with seventy-four different saints through the use of "seven-day vigil candles" (saint candles), prayers, psalms, herbal baths, and more. For example, you would call on Saint Benedict (whose candle color is white and day of the week is Saturday) to help end fevers, heal sick animals and more. You might call on Our Lady of Charity (whose candle color is yellow and day of the week is also Saturday) for protection of the home and family, to bring a new lover, or to obtain better finances. But, The Magical Power of the Saints includes much more:

Find out which saint can best help you for any situation, along with that saint's specific day of the week and color of candle
Learn rituals for fifty-seven different situations—such as attracting good fortune, strengthening your marriage, and improving your business
Use divination to discover which ingredients will summon the proper powers to help you in any specific situation
Locate passages in the Bible that support the practice of divination
Learn how to use prayer to honor your departed ancestors and communicate with them
Discover the best way to prepare and use the saint candles
Recite the correct Biblical psalm for your specific need
Read messages in a candle flame to see if your prayers will be answered"