“The Names of the Gods in Ancient Mediterranean Religions” edited by Corinne Bonnet

"The Names of the Gods in Ancient Mediterranean Religions" edited by Corinne Bonnet

"From Greece to Palmyra, Tyre or Babylon, the names of the gods, like "Thundering Zeus", "Three-faced Moon", "Baal of the Force" or the enigmatic YHWH, reveal their history, family ties, fields of competence and capacity for action. Shared or specific, these names bring to light networks of gods: the Saviour gods, the Ancestral gods, the gods of a city or a family. Names tell stories about the relationship between men and gods, gods and places, places and cultures and so on. They show how gods travel and spread, how they appear and disappear, how they participate in the political, social, intellectual history of each community. Through the study of divine names, the twelve chapters of this book unfold a gallery of portraits that reveal the changing aspects of the divine throughout the ancient Mediterranean."