“The Elemental Equilibrium: Notes on The Foundation of Magical Adepthood” by Virgil

"The Elemental Equilibrium: Notes on The Foundation of Magical Adepthood" by Virgil

"Establishing an elemental equilibrium — an inner state in which the elements constituting one’s soul and spirit have been balanced and purified — has long been considered an essential prerequisite for advanced magical work. The master alchemists of the Middle Ages hinted at the importance of this state in their cryptic texts and emblems. The French magician Eliphas Levi considered this state to be the secret to controlling the astral light. Professor Gregory Ottonovich Mёbes taught that this state is the key to acquiring divine authority. Throughout history, numerous occultists have become emotionally unbalanced and mentally deranged because they failed to establish this state within themselves before coming into contact with potent spiritual forces. Due to its importance, several of the more well-known magical orders in history have given their students rituals, meditations, and exercises to aid them in establishing an elemental equilibrium. Unfortunately, many of those practices were of dubious efficacy, and as a result, this state has continued to remain elusive for even the most sincere and dedicated students of magic.

Those who dream of engaging the powers underlying magic or travelling through the inner planes may now do so safely. In this book, Virgil provides a thorough and easily understandable guide to establishing an elemental equilibrium. Upon doing this, any aspiring magician will have acquired the inner balance, strength, and purity needed to practice his art productively and effectively."