“Energetic Seduction: Use Sexual Energy to Manifest and Influence” by Adana Washington

"Energetic Seduction: Use Sexual Energy to Manifest and Influence" by Adana Washington

"Why is it that when we think of seduction, the only thing we think of is attracting someone? Why can’t we use the same principles of seduction to attract something? What if we could use the same tactics for seducing men (or women) to seduce money, or to control traffic on the freeway? What if we could use sexual energy for magic without having sex? What if we could tap into our sexual energy simply by will alone?

I believe that if we can learn to channel our own sexual energy along with the power of the Universe, then open ourselves up to receiving information from the Universe, we can make magic happen that would amaze and astound us all. If we can turn our energetic selves into microcosms that start with a Big Bang from our sacral chakras, we can manifest anything that we can dream of, and so much more.

Energetic Seduction is my personal gnosis on sexual energy and how to use it to influence and manifest in the real world. In this short ebook, you’ll gain a new perspective on willpower and sexual energy, with ideas from pantheism, tarot, deities and paganism. You’ll learn new techniques for harnessing and channeling your innate sexual energy (because everyone has it, no matter their personal views on sexuality) to change change and manifest your desires."