“The Secret Art of Splitting the Soul” by Magnus Sinatra

"The Secret Art of Splitting the Soul" by Magnus Sinatra

"Witchcraft Books for Beginners: The Secret Art of Splitting the Soul is an occult manual that teaches the sacred craft of soul-splitting. This magic is considered a very dark form of magic, and it has been kept in strict secrecy for centuries — and for good reasons. Soul splitting is a magical technique that will allow you to create various versions of yourself. It should be noted that you will still be able to keep your soul, as well as your own identity. In this magical process, the ego-self will undergo a process of purging and annihilation. It will be purged down so that you can have more control of your soul. The soul will then be split into as many parts as the magus desires and depending on his/her needs.

But why would anyone want to split their soul? This magic came into existence due to the high demands of the world and harsh realities of life. There are times when a person has to assume various identities or egos in order to comply with the demands of life. By doing so, you can become more effective and productive in the many paths that you take. This secret technique will allow you to go deep into the practice of magick. However, this path is not for the weak, for it takes much courage, dedication, and strength before one can successfully split their soul.

Witchcraft Books for Beginners: The Secret Art of Splitting the Soul gives the foundation that you need to learn and practice the sacred art of soul splitting. It is also beneficial to learn about this magic because it also touches other important magical and universal principles. It should be emphasized that splitting the soul does not mean having multiple souls. You only have a single soul, even after the split occurs. After all, true magick is about being in harmony with nature, not against it.

Interestingly, there are people who have already split their soul without even realizing it. Most of the time, these are the people who have faced a heavy burden in life. Sadly, the soul could not take it anymore that it splits on its own due to too much pressure and stress. However, this is not the right way to do it because you will only end up as a victim. The soul is very sensitive, and you must be careful how you deal with it.

May this book be your guiding light in this strange, unreasonable, and dark world. Although the magic of splitting the soul is often considered dark magic, it can actually be considered white magic as long as you do it properly. After all, it is a viable defense against the many evils of the modern world."