“Tales of Terror” by Time-Life Books (The Enchanted World 19)

"Tales of Terror" by Time-Life Books (The Enchanted World 19)

"There are thirteen chapters in this volume — Oooo spooky — as opposed to the normal three, and the stories are simply presented without much context. Occasionally a few of the chapters have one or more tales in them, especially the ones dealing with werewolves or ghostly travelers, but overall, the tales jump from chapter to chapter. Despite this, it is an easier read than some of the previous volumes — or perhaps the theme is just more terrifying.

The tales come from all over. Ancient Greece, old Russia, war-torn Brittany, mythic Persia. Wherever a story or legend, might dip over into the realm of horror, where the protagonist usually comes to a bad end. it is fair game for this volume. A notable story from Chapter 8 "Bloodguilt of a Royal House" deals, from beginning to end, with the curse put on the ancient house of Atreus — beginning with the betrayal of Pelops and ending with the Furies scourging Oriesties."