“Self Hypnosis As You Read: 42 Life Changing Scripts” by Forbes Robbins Blair

"Self Hypnosis As You Read: 42 Life Changing Scripts" by Forbes Robbins Blair

"This original easy-to-use technique allows you to put yourself into an hypnotic state and improve your life without ever needing to put the book down. You remain aware at all times during your session, and return gently to everyday consciousness. You never memorize or record anything unlike most of the other techniques.
42 Reader-requested Scripts

The scripts featured in this book came at the request of readers and fans of Mr. Blair's previous books. This collection includes four hypnotic inductions, advanced techniques, and dozens of scripts you asked for like: Drop the Last Ten Pounds, Money Stress Relief, Fall Back in Love with Your Mate, Approach Hot Women, Expand Your Comfort Zone, Stop Overreacting, Love Your Body As It Is, Fibromyalgia Relief, Feel Fine with Heights, Release Fear of Abandonment, Comfortable Expressing Anger, Eat Less Chocolate, Love Cleaning House, Break Shopping Addiction, Stutter Anxiety Relief, Overcome Blushing . . . and many more"