“In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship” by Robin P. Foy

"In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship" by Robin P. Foy

"Based on twenty-two years of research, this compelling and revelationary book contains spectacular eye-witness accounts of séance phenomena and dramatic communications from several famous people, notably Sir Winston Churchill, from the spirit world. The author’s quest began in 1973 when, out of curiosity, he joined a circle in the home of a local businessman and had his first experience of physical phenomena. A year later, he emerged elatedly from his first sitting with the medium Leslie Flint, ready to commit himself totally to the pursuit of the elusive physical phenomena of spiritualism. This book charts his progress through several home circles, the formation of the Institute of Spiritualist Mediums Link, the founding of the Noah’s Ark Society and the New Spiritual Science Foundation, to his present involvement in the Scole Experimental Group, which is currently developing and demonstrating amazing physical phenomena on a regular and sustained basis."

⚠️ This file was downloaded from Google Books and is missing about 16% of the pages.