“Beneath a Vedic Sky: A Beginner’s Guide to the Astrology of Ancient India” by William R. Levacy (2023 edition)

"Beneath a Vedic Sky: A Beginner's Guide to the Astrology of Ancient India" by William R. Levacy (2023 edition)

"Learn how to identify the most salient features of Vedic astrology, how to interpret a birth chart Vedic style, and how to use this information to enhance your life.

Enter the fascinating world of Vedic Astrology, an ancient system of study that originated in India thousands of years ago. Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish, offers valuable insights into various aspects of life, including personality traits, relationships, career, health, and spiritual growth. This comprehensive beginner's guide provides a solid foundation in Vedic Astrology, empowering readers to understand the fundamentals and start exploring this captivating subject. Author William R. Levacy takes readers on a journey through interpreting a Vedic birth chart and the twelve houses contained within, astrological signs, planetary placements, and much more."